Kathrine Narducci – Famed “Sopranos,” “Alto Knights” Actress Talks Life, Art and Mob Films 

Actress Kathrine Narducci offers hosts Giovanni Rocco and Dutch McAlpin a firsthand look into the world of Mob television and film. Exploring her work as an actress, Narducci shares how she beat out more than 2,500 women for her first role, the backstory she created for her character on “The Sopranos,” the surprise of her “Euphoria” character’s viral look and details about her upcoming projects.

Narducci is best known for her series regular role as Charmaine Bucco on the Emmy Award-winning HBO series, “The Sopranos.” She held her first role in “A Bronx Tale” opposite Robert De Niro, can be seen opposite Joe Pesci in Martin Scorsese’s critically acclaimed film “The Irishman” and plays Olympia Gigante in MGM+’s “Godfather of Harlem” series. Kathrine is a lifetime member of the Actor’s Studio and will again star opposite De Niro in the upcoming film “Alto Knights” as Mob wife Anna Genovese.

Frank Calabrese Jr. – The Reformed Chicago Outfit Associate Behind Operation Family Secrets

Reformed mobster and son of notorious Chicago Outfit enforcer and hitman Frank Calabrese Jr. sits down with former undercover agents Giovanni Rocco and Dutch McAlpin to share his story of family, violence, addiction and life inside the Chicago Outfit. In this candid conversation Calabrese Jr. shares the intimate details surrounding his decision to leave the world his father pressured him into and how he risked his life to escape.  

Frank Calabrese Jr. is a former member of the Chicago Outfit and co-author of the best-selling book Operation Family Secrets: How a Mobster’s Son and the FBI Brought Down Chicago’s Murderous Crime Family. He was a key government witness whose testimony in the Operation Family Secrets trial devastated the Chicago Outfit and sent his father Frank Calabrese Sr. to prison for life. Today, no longer living in fear of his father, Calabrese Jr. speaks regularly at The Mob Museum in Downtown, Las Vegas, Nevada.  

Frank Panessa – DEA Agent Behind the Takedown of the Pizza Connection 

Narcotics trafficking is a global problem. Agents who are sent to fight it can find themselves deep undercover on foreign soil. In this episode, hosts Dutch McAlpin and Giovanni Rocco sit down with retired Drug Enforcement Administration agent Frank Panessa. Frank was at the center of the case known as the “Pizza Connection,” during which he infiltrated the Mafia. As former undercover agents themselves, Giovanni and Dutch are able to ask Frank all the right questions. Frank talks about his start in the DEA, going undercover as a made man, how he got his nickname “The Chameleon” and so much more.  

Frank Panessa worked as an undercover DEA agent for 28 years with multiple deep cover identities. After working investigations around the world, including in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Central America, Panessa retired in 1995 as the Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the Philadelphia Division, where he supervised more than 300 law enforcement personnel. During his DEA tenure, he proudly served as the Italian U.S. Embassy’s chief liaison to Italian police agencies on narcotics and organized crime.  

The One with the Hot Dog

Who can you trust? In this captivating episode, hosts Giovanni Rocco and Dutch McAlpin discuss how their undercover work intersected at the most opportune and dire times, including an unforgettable Las Vegas dinner with a DeCavalcante crime family caporegime. 

Meet Dutch McAlpin

Welcome to Inside the Life, a podcast produced by The Mob Museum, the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement. In this episode, we introduce host and former elite undercover agent Dutch McAlpin. Dutch’s harrowing accounts offer a rare glimpse inside law enforcement, from his early years as a beat cop to the top-clearance, confidential world of undercover work. 

About Dutch McAlpin: 

Often working in extremely dangerous, life-threatening scenarios, Dutch McAlpin left his over-20-year career in law enforcement with an endless number of stories. From a beat cop in the Midwest to an undercover task force agent for numerous federal agencies, Dutch infiltrated outlaw motorcycle gangs, domestic terrorist organizations, weapons trafficking networks, Latin American cartels, international human trafficking rings and even the Mafia, sometimes operating with three different undercover identities at the same time.  

Meet Giovanni Rocco

Welcome to Inside the Life, a podcast produced by The Mob Museum, the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement. In this episode, meet host and elite undercover agent Giovanni Rocco. Through Operation Charlie Horse, Rocco was responsible for infiltrating and taking down the DeCavalcante crime family now recognized as “The Real Sopranos.”  

About Giovanni Rocco: 

During his decades-long career working undercover for the federal government, Giovanni Rocco successfully infiltrated outlaw motorcycle gangs, domestic and international terror organizations and white-collar criminals. Drawing from his service in law enforcement in various positions, Giovanni now shares his expertise with law enforcement, military and intelligence units worldwide.